One thing I want to get out right away is that there is no multiverse, so anything that happened in the last server, also counts torwards the new one you're in, so events stay cannon, and deaths stay cannon.

Troll RoleplayEdit

These rules are for the PIR game and how we work. Also for the FF game to keep things more civilised so we don't consantly do things that's not supposed to happen.

In Character Trolling: Roleplaying in a ridiculous manner, with the intention to disrupt or derail serious roleplays:

  • -I'd grab a frozen pizza from my potato sack. I begin tossing it at bystanders while yelling "MORNING, NEIGHBOR".-

Out of Character Harassment: When someone intentionally, maliciously and repetitively stalks and harasses other players. Or is unable to cooperate with an admin when told to stop flaming/arguing:

  • P1: "(You're a stupid kid LOL)" P2: "(Dude stop following me into servers, leave me alone!)" P1: "(Cry harder LMAO)"

Lorebreaking: Failing to acknowledge the prominent and important aspects of FF lore, such as Alctruz not existing:

  • "(I'm RPing Alctruz never existed dude.)" "(What the!)"

Explicit Roleplay: Detailing a gruesome event to the point of discomfort, is prohibited. (publicly):

  • -He tears her stomach open, peeling her fleshy bloody skin apart and begins eating her organs, blood and guts everywhere.-

Random Attacking: Wherever you are, a logical reason to attack other player is required:

  • "I DONT LIKE THE DRINK YOU SERVED" isn't a reason to shoot up the restaurant with a LMG.

Private Roleplay: Segregating yourself and or others from everyone else in-game by refusing to acknowledge the existence of other players:

  • "(I'm ignoring your character.)"

Ghosting/Metagaming: Using out-of-character knowledge in-character that your character couldn't possibly know:

  • "(I just happen to walk here incidentally when you guys were attacking my team mate.)"

Ignoring Permissions: Permission to kill (PTK) are required from the party affected before proceeding. Reason can be granted by admins and overrules all permissions:

  • "(Hey dude, PTK?)"

Failing to Use OOC: If you are not performing an action or speaking IC (in character) use parentheses or brackets to identify that you're not RPing:

  • (Example) or [Example] or {Example}, etc.

Throwaway Characters: Creating characters for the sole purpose of trolling, distracting others, or combat:

  • P1: *Kills P2* P2: *Instantly Returns as "Generic Bandit #435" and kills P1*

Breaking Physics Edit

Fail Roleplay: Roleplaying without realism or physics. Roleplaying with a lack of detail and zero depth counts as FRP. (I'd walk, I'd aim, I'd fire). Actions must be specific:

  • "(Dude, my 13 year old character isn't afraid of you threatening to execute me for crimes against the kingdom, he's tough.)"

Power Play: Performing actions in an impossible manner or speed. Or, controlling player's actions. A set of impossible actions counts as powerplay. Repeating actions in combat with no variation is powerplay:

  • -She'd hammer strike the top of his neck while rolling over his back while juggling chainsaws. This makes him cry.-

Godmodding: Acting above and beyond human limitations, essentially possessing ridiculous forms of mancy, supernatural ability or gear:

  • "I am Heat Man! I can create fire with my hands!"

Moderators Have the Final Say Edit

NPCs: Had to be banned to stop spam attacks. Exceptions are friendly NPC's and admin-controlled ones:

  • "100 Military Police run in, tackle him, and arrest him"

Out of Character Trolling: To purposefully aggravate and or distract other players while OOC, such as void joking, excessive OOC use, spamming the chat, interrupting roleplays, etc:


Unrealistic or Unfair Roleplay: Moderators have the final say, as implied in the title. If you believe they are wrong, file an admin complaint form:


Abusing Loopholes: Taking advantage of loopholes will result in punishment, may vary depending on the case:

  • "(Um sir this rule doesn't specifically talk about X so I can do it LOL dab.)"

Excessive OOC: OOC should only be used for the explanation of things, do not use it to talk about real life topics, or something like that. The game isn't a social club, you're there to roleplay. Do that stuff out of game. It's meant for explanation, not conversation:

  • "(Hey can I join your RP?)" "(DID YOU HEAR WHAT TRUMP DID??)"

I hope this helps anyone who was confused on what the rules were or had any questions.Thank you.

Morphs and Races: Currently the only existing races are on the wiki.

  • "(I'm a twelve foot robot that can shoot .50 cals at 5000 MPH, it's alctruz technology, noob!)"

Latest ActivityEdit

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